Beximco yarn is now being used by the world's premier carpet and rug manufacturers in the Europe and America.

We produce jute yarn and twine, of various qualities, spun with great care for Carpets, Tatami Mats, Rugs, and other floor-coverings and for agricultural use. Beximco yarns replaced the Dundee quality yarn and have been being used in the high-speed CRM, CRT, and CRX looms. We also specialize in producing sized, coated, dyed, and polished yarn/twine as well. All these products can be supplied in different make-up and packing:

  1. Count : From 4.8Lbs (NM 6) to 600Lbs (NM 0.048), Single or Plied (upto 8 ply)

  2. Make-up:
    1. Conical and Parallel Spools : (i) wooden, (ii) plastic, (iii) paper
    2. Coreless spools
    3. Balls
    4. Cops

  3. Specialization :
    1. Scanning
    2. Splicing
    3. Sizing
    4. Coating
    5. Polishing
    6. Bleaching
    7. Dyeing
    8. Rot-proofing
    9. Waxing

  4. Packing : Spools stretch-wrapped on pallets, in trusses, in cartons, as per the choice of the customer

  5. Heat Treatment of wooden pallets are being done to comply with the ISPM15 requirements. Our wooden packaging materials are being heat treated in hot water treatment, controlled and monitored with the help of MadgeTech data logger OctTemp.