Beximco yarn is now being used by the world's premier carpet and rug manufacturers in the Europe and America.

Beximco Jute Division, BJD, started its journey 52 years ago, when New Dacca Industries Ltd was set up by late Fazlur Rahman in March 1965. Because of its quality, Beximco now is a global name to put trust on, specializing itself to produce the finest quality of natural yarn made from jute. Through our five decades of experience, we understand what our customers want from us, that's why our products and services are incomparable.

Today Beximco Jute Division is comprised of three companies with total annual turnover of over US$20 million. These are: (i) New Dacca Industries Ltd, (ii) Sonali Ansh Ltd, and (iii) Esses Exporters Ltd. New Dacca Industries Ltd - the Jute Spinning Mills, was nationalized in 1972 when its production capacity was 6MT/day. Sonali Ansh Ltd was set up in the same year (1972) for procuring, baling, and exporting raw jute. Esses Exporters Ltd was established for exporting jute goods produced by third party. New Dacca Industries Ltd was returned back to the owners in 1978. 1979 saw the birth of Shinepukur Jute Spinners Ltd (which was later renamed as Shinepukur Holdings Ltd) -- the other spinning mills under the same Management. In July 2005, however, New Dacca Industries Ltd acquired all the jute business of Shinepukur. In course of time, today New Dacca Industries Ltd is the most diversified and the oldest jute spinner in Bangladesh.


Each of our activities must benefit and add value to the common wealth of our society. We firmly believe that in the final analysis we are accountable to each of the constituents with whom we interact; namely, our employees, our customers, our business associates and our fellow citizens.